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Frequently Asked Questions

1. When is Cultural Heritage through the Prilep Field bicycle tour?
    The event is on Sunday, 14 September 2014.
2. When does the ride officially start?
    The ride starts from 9 am
3. When will the tour end?
    The tour is supposed to finish by 6 pm, though individuals may finish earlier as well as later in a period of about one hour.

4. Where is Cultural Heritage through the Prilep Field bicycle tour held?
    Cultural Heritage through the Prilep Field bicycle tour is held in the Prilep Field, a part of Pelagonia Plane, in the Republic of Macedonia.
5. Where is the starting point of the tour?
    The starting point is in the old part of the town Prilep, called Varosh, on the crossroad of Borka Lopach and Blagoj Jovcheski street, located at the North-West edge of the town. The registration of participants will be done there, just in front of the church of St Nikola, where the first visit will be made. Use this link to find it:,21.5344638/@41.3579378,21.4648905,12z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m3!4m2!1m0!1m0
6. Where do I park my car?
    You can park your car at several locations not far from the meeting place. You can also park in the centre of Prilep and then come by bike to the meeting place. The suggested locations for parking will be given to you with the application package.
7. How to get to Prilep?
    Prilep is centrally located in Macedonia. There are several ways to get to Prilep: from The East via Veles and Rosoman or via Kavadarci; from The West via Bitola; and from The North via Kicevo or Makedonski Brod. Or simply type in your location here:,21.5344638/@41.3579378,21.4648905,12z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m3!4m2!1m0!1m0

8. What is the programme?
    The programme is consisted from a series of visits to cultural heritage sights where appropriate people will explain the cultural significance of these objects. Refreshments and tastings will be there to improve the experience and make this bicycle ride an enjoyment.
9. What are we going to visit?
    We are going to visit the following cultural and natural sites: the church St Nikola in Varos, Prilep – the oldest church in Varos; the memorial house of Blaze Koneski in Nebregovo; the memorial house of Pece Atanasovski in Dolneni; the Monastery of St Nikola near Slepce; the church Holy Mother of God in Kostinci; the Monestary of the Holy Transition near Zrze; the oldest oak in Krivogastani. Note that only the long tour will reach Zrze.
10. Do I need to listen to the custodians’ explanations and stories?
    No. They are there to provide you with a greater experience for your benefit. However it is up to you to decide.
11. We are visiting many churches, is this a religious tour?
    The Macedonian painting and art in the past in general have been limited to the art in churches like: frescos, icons, wood carving, etc. So entering a religious temple from the 14th century is like entering a living gallery that is 700 years old! But if you are religious then this can be also a religious tour for you.

The Route
12. What are the technical specifications of the tours?
    The easy tour, planned for almost any bicycle, even a city bike: length – 38 km, total vertical climb 260 vertical meters, all asphalt.
    The long tour, planned for a trekking bicycle or a mountain bike to pass those dirt roads: length – 88 km, total vertical climb – 1012 vertical meters, 1/3 dirt roads and 2/3 asphalt.
13. What kind of roads are we going to ride on?
    Most of the tour is asphalt. However, for those enthusiasts that would like to feel some dirt, there is an option that has more than 20 km of extra dirt roads in the long tour.
14. The short tour stars some 12 km along the long tour, how will the participants get there?
    Bus transportation for the participants and the bicycles has been organized.
15. Do the participants taking the short tour have to ride all the way until Krivogashtani where the dinner will be?
    No. There will be a bus organized from the ending point of the short tour to Krivogastani.
16. The route does not end where it starts, how will the participants get back?
    There will be transport organized from Krivogastani to Prilep.
17. I am taking the short tour and I do not have a bicycle for dirt roads, how can I reach the monastery above Slepce village?
    To get to the monastery there is a dirt road of 1,5 km length. If you like, you can leave your bicycle at the water fountain in the village and walk to the monastery.
18. Are there any toilets along the route?
    Yes, there are toilets on every site we are going to stop.
19. Are there any water points?
    Yes, in all the villages along the route there are water fountains. There will also be some extra refreshments from our supporters.
20. Are there any snacks along the route?
    Yes. There will be some snacks in Slepche village and a tasting in Kostinci village and Nebregovo village. There are, however, local shops in every village that can offer you extra snacks.
21. Will there be a meal provided?
    Yes. There will be a main meal provided at the end of the route in Krivogashtani village, where also a wine tasting will be offered.
22. I have a food diet, what is the main meal?
     The main meal is pasta. Additional courses will be provided as well, like salad.

23. What kind of a bicycle I need?
    If you want to go for the easy tour, any kind of a bicycle will do fine, as long as it is in a good condition and functioning properly. However if you want to take the long tour, then consider the fact that one third is a dirt road which need to be passed, so a mountain bicycle or even a trekking bicycle will do fine.
24. Can I come with a road bike?
    Yes. If you are really into the road bike ride, you can make a combination of the two tours and have a sub tour, where you start in village Dupjachani with the easy tour and follow only the asphalt road of the long tour, which will take you on a 60 km ride through the field.
25. What do I need to bring?
     We advise you to bring: your bicycle; your personal affects, tools and spare tube, water bottle, back pack, comfortable shoes, cycling bibs/shorts, jersey/t-shirt, helmet, gloves, sun screen, sun glasses, rain jacket, some money if you want to get something extra from the shops along the way, photo camera, video camera; etc.

26. Is there an organized transport to Prilep?
    Yes. There is a bus for the people and for the bicycles coming from Skopje. The price for the fee and the bus is 1100 denars, or just for the bus it costs 400 denars per person.
27. Will my bicycle be safe during the transport?
    There will be cardboard placed between the bicycles so they will not get scratched.
28. Can I bring a bicycle with a basket in the organized transport?
29. What time does the bus leave Skopje?
    The bus will leave at 6 o’clock in the morning. So you would need to be some time earlier to load the bicycles.
30. What time will the bus be back in Skopje?
    The bus will be back in Skopje around 9 o’clock in the evening, depending on the speed of the participants.
31. I am not from Skopje. Is there an organized bus from my place?
     Please contact the organizers on this issue. If there is a large enough group, the organizers are sure to help out.

32. I do not want to ride a bicycle, can I still come?
    This is a bicycle tour. But if you have an idea how to keep up without a bicycle, feel free to contact the organizer to consult.
33. Is there a possibility to rent a bicycle?
    Yes there is. You can rent a bike from by writing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to make an inquiry; or from Velodrome Travel by writing to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. make an inquiry.
34. I am a minor, can I join?
     Only if you bring your parent or guardian with you, or get their written consent to come alone.

35. How can I apply to participate?
    You can apply by sending the application form to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and paying the participation fee. The application form is available to download at
36. Is there a fee for participation to Cultural Heritage through the Prilep Field bicycle tour?
    There is a participation fee of 700 Macedonian denars, or about 11 Euros.
37. What do I get for my money?
    For the 700 denars you get: organization (worth 400 denars per person), people to assist you on the route (150 den), food and drinks (450 den), entrance fees (50 den), t-shirt (200 den), map (50 den), custodians that will explain the cultural significance (80 den), technical support, support vehicle to be there in case you get tiered (100 den), first aid in case you get injured (50 den), and even more.
38. How can I pay the participation to Cultural Heritage through the Prilep Field bicycle tour?
    You can pay by bank transfer. If this is not good for you, please contact the organizers.

39. Can I come on Saturday?
    Yes. Be aware that there are no organized activities for the Saturday, except a good time of hanging together.
40. If I come a day earlier, what can I do in Prilep?
    There are several things you can do in Prilep and the vicinity. For one you can ride a bicycle to a place the tour is not going. You can hike to the King Marko’s Towers; to the Treskavec Monastery; or to see The Girl – a stone art done by nature. You can do bouldering if you are up for it. But Prilep is also very famous for good food, so you can try some Prilep style cooking, and even the excellent Tai restaurant In any case you can contact the organizers for some custom guidance.
41. Are there any hotels in Prilep?
    There a few hotels in Prilep. Prices vary from 10 to 100 Euro per night. Please check directly for booking:,,,,

42. What is Cultural Heritage through the Prilep Field bicycle tour?
    It is an easy, Slow Bicycle Ride that will pass through several cultural heritage sites in the Prilep Field.
43. Why Cultural Heritage through the Prilep Field bicycle tour?
    To promote the richness of Prilep Field in cultural and natural sites among domestic and foreign public and to educate about the cultural and natural heritage.
44. Who is the organizer of Cultural Heritage through the Prilep Field bicycle tour?
    Organizer of the event is Sustainable Initiatives from Skopje, together with bicycle club Ilinden from Prilep.

45. How can I contact the organizer?
    By e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or you can call either Bojan Rantasa at +389 70 876353 or Dragan Dimitrijoski at +389 75 526426.