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 The event, or better said the tour, will be held on the 14 September. It is intended for bicycle riders that want to enjoy while riding. The tour “Cultural Heritage through the Prilep Field” is an easy tour - a Slow Bicycle Ride. It does not have a competitive character. In fact it has sightseeing, promotional and educational character, where things will be seen and learned about the Prilep Field and the cultural heritage in it.

 The event will start at 9 h in the morning, and it will end at 19 h, where the faster bicycle riders are expected to finish at 17 h already.

 On the tour there will be possibility to choose between two groups. One group will be for experienced bicycle riders and the other for beginner bicycle riders. The experienced bicycle riders will have 88 km of roads to pass, which will be mostly asphalt, but also a good deal of dirt roads suitable for mountain bikes or trekking/hybrid bikes. For the beginners there will be 38 km of road and all on asphalt, appropriate even for city bikes. In both cases the ride is through fairly flat terrain, with mild uphills, except the access to the monasteries where it is fairly steep and not recommended for the beginners.

What it is planned to be on the tour:
 Visit to Varos and the church of st Nikola;
 Visit to Nebregovo and the memorial house of Blaze Koneski, lead by a custodian;
 Visit to Dolneni and the museum on Pece Atanasovski;
 Visit to Slepce, the vilage established by the blinded Samuel’s soldiers, explained by a guide, with an option to visit the Monastery of st Nikola;
 Visit to Kostinci and the church st Holy Mother of God, lead by a custodian;
 Visit to Zrze and the church of St Nikola, and a visit to the Monastery of Holy Transfiguration (only in the long tour);
 Visit to the oldest oak in Krigogastani village;
 Tasting of bread from Prilep from Alex Bakery;
 Tasting of cheese from Prilep;
 Tasting of wine from vinery Brzanov;
 Refreshments from Jana water.
 Food prepared with Donna Vera pasta, Costa d’Oro olive oil and Adriana tuna;
 Technical support in case you need to repair your bicycle by the KTM team Macedonia;
 Vehicle that will take you in case you get tiered or your bicycle stops going;
 Guides that will help you find the way;
 T-shirts so you can change your sweaty ones;
 Explanations and stories in English for non Macedonian speakers;
 And not to discover everything.

What will you need for the tour:
 Good will to participate.
 Knowledge to ride a bicycle.
 Functional bicycle, equipped in compliance to Macedonian laws, and with a watter bottle holder.

 For the participants that want to come with the organized transportation from Skopje, it is foreseen that they will leave early in the morning from 6 am, where participants are asked to come earlier so there would be enough time to load the bicycles. The return will be right after the event, so people should be back in Skopje around 21 h that evening.

 Participation fee is 700 denars (11,5 euros).
 Participation fee with included transportation from Skopje is 1100 denars (18 euros).
 To participate: Send e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with filled in application form (download) and pay in Macedonian Denars to “Sustainable Initiatives” to the account 380150354800155 at Pro Credit Bank, with the reference: „For Prilep Field“.
 Application process is open till 7 September, and the number of participants is limited.
 Early bird saves money: for those that will apply by 20 August, the participation is 650 denars (10,6 euros) , or 1000 denars (16,3 euros) with transport from Skopje.


This event is supported by:

Ministry of Culture Macedonia Timeless

Krivogastani Dolneni Prilep

XMKD  Stefano 97

Furnice ALex Brzanov Winery

Donna Vera Costa d'Oro Adriana

Mivela Jana Voda

Museum Prilep

Nova Makedonija

 If you too wish to support this event, it is never late to do that. Send an e-mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Visit regularly for further information.