A place becomes a place when it is embodied with meaning. Therefore each place hides a story about its meaning, and there could be more than one story. Here are presented stories and meanings of some places that I found astonishing and worth to see. I invite you to read the articles, look at the photographs or even videos, and decide on yourself whether to go and see the story of that place.

 I think that a bicycle tour is not only a pleasure of the ride where my eyes get to feast the wonderful landscapes. I think that it is just as well a joy for all my senses, and especially my sense of smell and taste. It is the best possible way I can reach places and eat typical, local food, and enjoy that gastronomic experience.

 Yes, I know that that makes the tour a lot longer, stopping at every bakery or pastry or restaurant... but I do not ride my bicycle so I can loose weight, in fact I gain some more often.

 Well if you thought of getting the same things that I have, I might help you change your mind. Ok, ok, I might make up your mind as well. It all depends on my experience with that thing.

 A selection of places where one can spend the night. I choose them to recommend them either due to an incredible experience I had there, or comfort, or simply because they are bicycle friendly. In either way, there is a reason for being here, and I value that reason to be worthy for sharing so others can spend the night there and experience that reason.