transporting a bicycle

 Though this web site is for bicycle riding, there are those moments of need when taking the bicycle on some mean of transport is a must. I’ve had some experience in doing this, and I figure it is best to share so others will be prepared for such an adventure.

 For having a look at other people's experiences you can see George Farnsworth's web page, where people's comments/experiences are made available.

 Taking bicycles in trains in the EU is generally an easy thing, since there is a regulation that obligates member states to provide this service. However it is not a simple matter, since this service is not equally, readily available in all EU countries. And this goes double for non EU countries.

 One main tip for taking a bicycle in the train, I can give is: always have some bungee cords or ropes to secure the bicycle so it does not move easily. Perhaps a good option that I've seen from bicycle riders in Germany is to have one of those long steel wires with a lock. This will both secure the bike from moving, but also from stealing. Though, I think one can chew off those wires easily, thus I would not put much trust in them in relation to theft in a train in e.g. Eastern Europe, or on a street.

Bicycle in a bus, I think, it is a nightmare for the bus driver. However, when in need, and no other available solution, there are ways to get the bicycle in the bus, no matter the regulations.