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 In the year 2014 I decided to make a turn in my life: I decided to become a bicycle tour guide. So not only that you can read some interesting stories about my travels (now becoming more scarce since my travels are limited) but also you can experience them with me as your guide. However, you are still welcome to write to me for any kind of advice that you may need.

About me:

 I am mostly known as Rante, I am a forestry engineer, and Master of science in rural development that simply can not get off his bicycle. I am constantly on bicycle tours, I have travelled all of Macedonia, most of The Balkans, and a bit of Europe. I am also the mastermind behind On occasions I organize public, educational, bicycle events, like the Cultural Heritage of the Prilep Field, and the Cultural Heritage of Strumica Field.

 My favourite passion, right after bicycles, is photography and videography. The photos you encounter on this website are mine. It is good to mention that my professionally related interests are protected areas, sacred natural sites, old trees, and places (what kind of meanings people associate to a place). For example, my MSc thesis at Wageningen University was related to the places and place making in National Park Galicica. Currently I continue to be active in rural development by working on projects related to bicycle tourism and bicycle routes in Macedonia and The Balkans.

 The experience I bring is my forever long engagement with the Scout Movement of Macedonia as a scout leader, scout master and even a scout commissioner. And not to neglect all the local bicycle tours I had organized, travelling through Macedonia, Albania, Belgium and The Netherlands with friends, and the Bicycle Circle “Milton Manaki” from Skopje, Macedonia.

About the tours I guide:

 My tours are like my travels: focused on enjoying the movement with the bicycle. Food and culture are central to my tours. Basically I would like you to experience the tasty delights that Macedonia and The Balkan are famous for. Then, also to provide a learning experience about the beauties and sufferings that come of being at the historic gateway to Europe. But I am also a naturalist and a photographer. So I'd take you to places that have great landscapes and beautiful nature. Cities are nice, but only because some of my favourite restaurants are there.

 Having explained my style, I can say that difficulty is adaptable. I do tours all on asphalt roads and tours all on dirt roads or a mixture so everyone in a group can be happy. Duration is something that you declare. I am ready to give you a bicycle experience from a couple of hours to whole expedition. Oh, and it is not a problem if you do not have a bicycle at the moment with you - I have 10 extra bicycles for you. I cooperate with several tourist agencies in arranging accommodation and transport, so all you have to do is put your trust in me to develop a tour just for you.

 Finally, since I prefer to provide you a tour that will be customized to you, I prefer making a private, custom tour just for you. So if you would like me to guide you, please write to me and tell me all the things that you wish to do, see, experience.

Licenses: Tourist Guide No. 478; First Aid.

Languages: English, Serbian, Slovenian, Macedonian.

 e-mail: rante [at] to4ak [dot] com
 mobile: +389 70 876353