Instead of making a news section on this web site, I decided to create this section: interesting. Things here are plane simple - interesting. I do not care if they are outdated, or if everyone knows about it, or if no one cares about it. I just find them worthy to share. Oh, and most important, I have not created these things, but I like to share them.

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 In October 1931, Kazimierz Nowak set out alone on a journey starting from Poland, to cross Africa, with his bicycle. It took him more than 5 years, travelled more than 40.000 km and made a whole round trip. The African locals had given him the name ‘single white man travelling on a strange vehicle’.

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 From my friends Martin and Kristian of e r t z u i ° film I just got an e-mail that their film FOOTPRINTS is online and available on Rapha’s website.