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 Rapha is showing this film as an introduction to their 2013 Hidden Europe Continental program. In fact, next week, e r t z u i ° film will be cycling in The Netherlands together with Rapha to shoot the first 2013 Hidden Europe Continental Film. And Rapha is organizing some nice bicycle rides. If you want, you can join them, just check Rapha’s web site

 Back to the film. 
 FOOTPRINTS is a hearth touching and inspiring story about two bicycle frame builders: Ulrich Vogel and Tiziano Zullo. It is always a pleasure to watch a film by Martin and Kristian (e r t z u i ° film), so do not waste time, click here and watch it.

 And here you can see the photographs from the shooting of the film.

 Oh, both Ulrich Vogel and Tiziano Zullo are Rapha’s partners with which they will be working this year. Just go and check it out, there is more.