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 On Sunday, the 1 June 2014, near Prilep, Macedonia, will be held the Mariovo Off Road Experience: Enter The Wilderness. The tour is a bicycle challenge through the most desolated area in Macedonia – Mariovo, where both advanced mountain and road bikers as well as leisure mountain bikers can join.

Mariovo, photo by Aleksandar Kolov

 The Mariovo Off Road Experience is organized by VELOEVROPA and it is the third year in a row. The previous year there were 200 participants, while the organizer expects more than 300 participants for this year. There are two standard mountain bike routes. One is the Off Road Experience route of 48 km that requires advanced skills and endurance to take part. The second one is a shorter and lighter mountain bike tour of 42 km, for the bicycle riders that prefer to take an easier ride. For this year there is novelty and that is the road bike tour of 108 km.

 All sport activities start 10 am on the 1 June in the village Manastir. However this is not just a one day event. Most of the participants will arrive in the village Manastir to take part in the party as well, that will be held in the camp near the village. There will be DJs, bands, great party many surprises. So for those of you that do not want miss out on anything should join with their own bike and tent on the 31 May and experience the party too.

Mariovo, photo by Aleksandar Kolov

 To participate on the event, one needs to make a reservation and pay the entry fee of 450 Macedonian denars to the organizer. With every paid entry fee, the participant gets: t-shirt, breakfast, water and isotonic, lunch, and a refreshing drink.

 Participants should bring: comfortable shoes, cycling shorts, jersey or a shirt, helmet, gloves, rain jacket, spare tube, patches, tools, tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, other camping equipment, and their bicycle.

 For people outside Macedonia, the Macedonian tour operator Macedonia Travel offers the possibility to pay the registration fee on-line on their website, with a credit card. While for those of you that forgot their bicycles at home, please check at

 Deadline for registration to the event is 24 May.

 Mariovo, photo by Aleksandar Kolov


31 May
 Arrival, setting up the tents.
 Visit of the surroundings, XIth century monastery, fish soup for dinner
 Great outdoor party with DJs and rock band from 19h to 01h

1 June

 MTB tour 1
Length: 47.2 km, total vertical climb 1305 meters
 Start: 10 o’clock, active time 5 hours, total time 7 hours
 Difficult - Advanced bicycle rider, fit to take on mountain passes, steep roads and even offroad at fair lengths.
 Surface: 90% macadam, dirt-road, rocks, single-tracks, rivers, 10% asphalt

Mariovo MTB

 MTB tour 2
Length: 42.2 km, total vertical climb 670 meters
 Start: 10 o’clock, active time 5 hours, total time 7 hours
 Easy - Suitable for casual bicycle riders. Not many uphills or difficult distances.
 Surface: 70% asphalt, 30% macadam

Mariovo MTB light

 Road bike tour
 Length: 105 km, total vertical climb 1930 meters
 Start: 10 o’clock, active time 6 hours, total time 7 hours
 Extreme difficulty - Requires great physical fitness and technical knowledge. The route can cover long roads, a suitable challenge for any serious cyclist.
 Surface: 100% asphalt

Mariovo Road Bike

 Trail running: 34 km, total vertical climb 1276

 Hiking: 10 km

Get the Mariovo 2014 Off Road Experience FAQ Sheet to learn more details.

For further information please contact the organizer via e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.