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 When I needed to transport my self and my bicycle from Arnhem, The Netherlands to Budapest, Hungary I decided that I will do that with a bus. Normally I would not have asked, but something compelled me to look at the luggage regulations at Eurolines. At the web page it was written clearly that no bicycle is allowed in the bus. Still, I did not take that for granted. So at an occasion, I went to the Eurolines office and asked in person. Yip, it was not allowed. In fact, even when I asked, whether it would change anything if I put the bicycle in a cardboard box, they kept sticking to their policy. 

 But to me, the real decision maker in the bus transport is the bus driver, not the clerk at the ticket office. So I decided to ask a bus driver. I went to one bus driver of Eurolines and I asked him if he would be willing to accept a package that is about 1 meter high, some 20 centimeters wide and some 1,5 meters long. He looked at me, and said – It should get in the cargo bay, so it would not be any problem. That was all I needed to hear. I mean, do the people at Eurolines really needed to know what I was transporting. No.

 I disassembled my bicycle and packed it in a bicycle bag. It took me a lot of time, since a touring bicycle is not easy to disassemble with all the mudguards, carrier racks and accessories. Still, I was happy to do that. The part that I did not foresee, was the bulkiness of the bicycle bag that made it very difficult to carry without wheels on it (I took the cheaper version). However, I managed to get to the bus without loosing an arm or a shoulder. I loaded the bicycle in the bus without even hearing a single word from the driver. My plan was working. Within minutes I was in the bus and heading to Budapest.

bicycle in a bag

 Therefore, if you decide to take the Eurolines buses to transport you and your bicycle, like I did, behave as if you are not transporting a bicycle, but a very bulky something that may go in a bag or even a box.