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 I think that documenting the travel on a bicycle is a wonderful thing. And for a simple reason - to remember. Now the problem with keeping some kind of record is that it should start from the beginning. And on my last tour I got this idea, actually ideas, that I can make all kinds of records from my bicycle tour. Some ideas came only after I went more than half of my trip, making it almost senseless to start then. So my only regret was that I did not come up with these ideas earlier. And I have met other bicycle tourists that had the same 'problem'... if only we came up with these ideas when we started the journey.

 The ideas are simple: any kind of repetitive activity that I could do each day, or country, or town, or whatever. In one sense a repetitive activity may think boring, but it will at best depict the change experienced during the travel.

 The first idea that came to my mind was: taking self-photos of my face every day. Since on my last trip I decided not to shave, this could have been a nice show of the growth of my beard. It is a pity I only remembered to do this after 2 thirds of my trip.


 Then the second idea that popped to my mind was taking photos of the road kills. If something is seen when bicycle touring - those are the road kills. Hundreds of animals, insects, birds, just name it, I've seen it flat on the road. OK, I still did not see a bear, a wolf, a lynx and a fox. But I did see a stork, a rabbit, a vessel, a badger, a falcon, I'll stop here. It is terrifying to learn how many animals just get splattered on the roads. I thought I could do this for some kind of awareness.

 Taking photos of something, I guess is the easiest thing. Other ideas that pop into my mind were:

  • Taking photos of my bicycle on famous locations
  • Taking photos of food
  • Taking photos of me in a special pose

and in the end, an interesting video clip could be made from all those photos.

 Speaking of videos… lately I'm all into sunsets. Photos or even videos of all the sunsets during the tour could be also nice. Then mixed into one video, it will be grand.

 I had other ideas that came too late. Like taking statements of people about one same thing. It could turn into a research project, even. Another idea was collecting recipes of food. This could have been not only a thing to do during the ride, but also a thing to do after the ride.

 The only thing I have been doing for quite some time is making each host to put a signature on my bicycle. I have a white frame that makes this a great thing.

 There are many ideas I guess. Like one Korean bicycle tourist I met collected national flags from every country he visited. But as I said, one need to come up with this idea early in the beginning, so at the end this 'collection' can become a story on its own.

 Feel free to share some of your ideas. It could be an inspiration for others or even me.