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 No riding, no eating, only talking. This is what I will do this Wednesday, 30 October 2013, from 19:30 until 19:55 at the EHO – Mountain Film Days in Skopje.

 Yes, I will do a presentation on the xU2-r bicycle trip. However, since I am limited in time, I have only 25 minutes and not days as I requested, I will focus only on some of the mountain passes that I went through. So it will be a bit about the beautiful mountain landscapes in Serbia, a bit about the beautiful mountain cheese in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a bit about the terrifying mountain winds in Croatia, and a bit about the mountain heights of Montenegro. I mean, EHO is a mountain dedicated festival.
 I'll be showing you a lot of photographs, and maybe there will be just enough time for you to ask some questions.

 Oh, and make sure that you take part in the Critical Mass event before coming to the presentation. It will guide you to the venue of the festival and the presentation - the Youth Cultural Centre in Skopje.

xU2-r poster